Privacy Policy


Truelabel cannot exist without your trust, and that extends to data. We do not sell any data that comes through your use of Truelabel. While we work on a more formal data policy with the standard legalese, below is an in-plain-English summary of the data we collect and what we do with it. 

When you use the Truelabel Extension, we gather aggregated, anonymized information to better understand what products we should add to our product database so Truelabel is more likely to cover the products you like. In plain English, we look at the most popular products and product categories people browse on Amazon in order to make sure we research those carbon footprints and show them to you. We don't know who specifically shopping for what, nor do we want to.

We use this data on analytics platforms like Amplitude and Google Analytics to make the experience better. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know by emailing

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