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"It's like the Honey coupon extension, but for the environment" - Sophie, 29

Every product we buy has a carbon footprint, and every purchase we make is an opportunity to combat climate change. We're here to help you do that.

Truelabel uses climate research and data science to find you more environmentally friendly products while you shop, without having to make price or quality sacrifices. By using the Truelabel Chrome add on, you're armed to reduce carbon emissions, without needing a PhD in climate science.


join the beta community to help shape this

Truelabel is currently in its testing phase and focuses on Amazon home products, and we have plans to expand to the shopping sites and products you care most about soon. By getting early access and joining the beta community, you'll guide Truelabel's development: the types of products it compares and what form it takes.

For you, this is an opportunity for a big impact while you shop -- you will empower others by building this technology with us while also gaining access to the latest climate research. 



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Shop Normally

Shop on your favorite sites like Amazon.


Help Combat Climate Change

We'll tell you which products are contributing most to climate change and help you find better options within your budget.

See through Advertising

Know which products are contributing to climate change while you shop.

Automatically Reduce Your Impact

Swap products out for eco-friendly alternatives in one click, without quality or price tradeoffs.

Influence COmpanies to Do better

Join a community that directly encourages your favorite companies to make more sustainable choices (coming soon)



Truelabel was founded by Jamie McCroskery, a technologist from companies like Dropbox and Glossier, and an army of scientific advisors. After seeing how difficult it is for people to directly combat climate change and for businesses to prioritize sustainability, he quit his day job to empower individuals and their communities to be a part of the climate change solution.

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